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Team San Diego Soccer Women

GGWCup NYC Finals Qualifier! Team San Diego Soccer Women is playing for Global Goal 10 - Reduced Inequality.

“We are women who play soccer at ages 30 through 70+! Age and gender discrimination are issues we want to make visible to society.”

We are excited to have you play again. Runners-up at the GGWCup Final in New York City in 2018.

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Because we can

by Catalina Pradilla, team Inspiring Inequalities

I started my whole soccer dedication when proving myself to the boys at school. I was 7 years old and back then in Colombia playing soccer as a girl was not truly accepted. Every break I went to the boys and ask them if I could play. Receiving the same answer; "No, because you are a girl".

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Opening Doors for At-Risk Youth in New York City

Meet Team Saturday Night Lights.
Playing for goal # 10: Reduced Inequalities

The times when teens or at-risk youths are most likely to get involved with crime is on the weekends. These soccer programs therefore run every Friday and Saturday evenings, turning on lights in gyms and soccer fields at times they are ordinarily closed. Hence their name: “Saturday Night Lights.”

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