Global Goals World Cup

We turned the UN 17 Global Goals into a sport.
All women are pre-qualified.

by Eir Soccer & partners


Join the first women's activist football tournament

Where to join the GGWCup tour in 2019

Upcoming events

May 2-4 - SDG Action Awards

Thank you for your #act4SDGs support

May 14 – GGWCup Europe / Copenhagen

Make sure to get all the updates. Join the FB event.

May 29 – GGWCup Prague

Czech Republic
Make sure to get all the updates. Join the FB event.

June 3-6 – GGWCup Hack

Women Deliver - Vancouver, Canada

The world’s largest conference on gender equality and the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women. Visit conference site.

June 13-16 - GGWCup Hack

The People's Political Festival (Folkemødet) Bornholm, Denmark.

Visit official website.

June 17-21 – GGWCup Hack

Cannes Lions, France.

This year the 66th International Festival of Creativity.

June 27 - July 1 – GGWCup Hack

FIFA Women’s World Cup - Lyon, France.
In partnership with the Equal Playing Field & 3,500 players. Join the event.

Sept. 8-10 – GGWCup Hack

University of Southern California - CA, USA

Sept. – GGWCup Finals


Make sure to get all the updates. Join the FB event.

October 18 – GGWCup Amman


October 25 + 26 – GGWCup San Diego

Californien, USA

Nov. 2019 – GGWCup Mombasa, Kenya

We will update as soon as we can.

Nov. 20-23 – GGWCup Games

I Can Children’s Global Summit, Rome, Italy

4,000 children, 100 countries, 100 solutions, 4 days.


Past events

March 8-11 – GGWCup Hack Citizens @ SXSW - Austin TX, USA.

February 9 + 10 – GGWCup Bangkok NIST International School

Jan. 21 -25 – GGWCup Talk Davos House, World Economic Forum

February 2 – GGWCup Mumbai Fr. Agnel Multipurpose School

GGWCup Copenhagen 2016 Fish Over Plastic.png

Did you know …

We have played for the world since UNGA 2016
12 tournaments have been played
3,000+ women have already joined the action
20,000 actions have been taken - some even changed laws
100+ million media impressions per event
Beyond Sport Global Impact Award Shortlisted in 2018
In 2019 we have GGWCups planned on 4 continents.