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Team Forca Goa

GGWCup NYC Finals Qualifier! Team Forca Goa from India and winner of the GGWCup Mumbai 2019 is playing for Global Goal 3, 5 & 12.

Forca Goa Foundation is a team that has multiple and diverse Sustainable Development Goals and football runs in their veins. When a team uses football as a tool to empower the people of the country, then we know for sure they will be a force at the Finals.

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Team Believers

GGWCup NYC Finals Qualifier! Team Believers from South Bronx United is playing for Global Goal 5 - Gender Equality.

“We chose Gender Equality because most of us have experienced inequality when it comes to playing sports as girls.”

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Team Equality League Enforcers

GGWCup NYC Finals Qualifier! Team Equality League Enforcers is playing for Global Goal 5 - Gender Equality.

“We believe in sport and its benefits for all. We can achieve it by changing discriminatory laws and cultural practices and beliefs.”

Welcome back to team Equality League Enforcers. This is the 3rd time the team participate in the GGWCup Finals.

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Team Goleadoras

GGWCup NYC Finals Qualifier! Team Goleadoras is playing for Global Goal 5 - Gender Equality.

“Our sole purpose is to empower teenage girls through soccer.”

Welcome back to team Goleadoras - winner of the GGWCup Final in New York City in 2018.

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Did you know for every one Wikipedia page about a woman, there are four about men?

We want to thank and Wikipedia for their campaign to encourage #flerekvinderpåwiki.

Because wikipedia is an open editing platform, we have the power to be the change we want to see. There is no excuse for 83 % of all biographies on Wikipedia to be about men.

Help contribute to our Global Goals World Cup Wikipedia page. Have you played in a GGWCup tournament, know someone who has, are you on our Dream Team? We would love to have you and more than 3,000 women who have played in our tournament in the GGWCup article on Wikipedia.

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It’s an honor to welcome Team SanScar onto the stage

- winner of best advocacy and action for the Global Goals at the GGWCup Mumbai 2019

Team SanScar! from Mission ScanScar were the proud winners of the Best Advocacy and Action category. A fierce team that played for Global Goal 5 and gender equality with a loud and clear message: All you can do, I can do bleeding.  

We meet with the co-founders of Mission SanScar, Urvi Talaty and Sumati Joshi, on Skype, a week after the GGWCup Mumbai to talk about the story behind the capes, partnerships, and where they’ll take the ball from here.

by Mathilde Nielsen

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The GGWCup Mumbai 2019 winner is transforming Goa one football field at a time

- it’s an honor to introduce Forca Goa.

Team Forca Goa, from the Forca Goa Foundation, were the proud winners of our Mumbai GGWCUP. The champions Forca Goa will represent India at the Finals in New York during the UNGA week September 2019.

I spoke to Ishita Godinho, the Community Development Manager at Forca Goa, about Forca Goa’s mission, challenges and ethos.

by Mathilde Nielsen

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Team: Play Onside

We are Burmese migrant women living and working in Mae Sot a city on the Thai-Burma border. We all work as coaches and educators in PlayOnside, an organization that uses football to promote gender equality among the Burmese community displaced in Thailand. For all of us, playing football was something that we could not imagine when we were kids. We have started coaching and playing 2 years ago and become a great role model of the change in our communities. We want to join this event to promote the goal of Gender Equality in the field of sport.

We believe that together we are stronger!


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Team: Parcham

Just like their motto that says 'Kicking Boundaries', the team from Parcham will be looking to kick the ball into the back of the net when the Global Goals World Cup kickstarts in Mumbai at the Fr. Agnel Multipurpose School and Junior College.

With just a few days to go for the big day, here's wishing them the best for the games!

In the GGWCup team Parcham will be playing for Global Goal 5 gender Equality.


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Team: Mumbai Girls Football

The Mumbai Girls Football team was set up with only one crystal clear aim - through women in sports, start a movement in the country. Since 2014, they have successfully started one football club and have tied up with 20 other clubs as well. Their initiatives have directly impacted almost 500 girls in the country and we are sure this team will be looking to have a positive impact on the upcoming GGWCup as well!

In the GGWCup The Mumbai Girls Football will be playing for Global Goal 5 gender Equality.


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