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Team San Diego Soccer Women

Global Goal 10 - Reduced Inequalities

GGWCup Finals NYC 2019


Making Age Discrimination Visible

As female athletes fight for recognition and resources all over the world, older women especially are often forgotten or ignored. Team San Diego Soccer Women are a group of women who play soccer at ages 30 through 70+ looking to change that. With their motto “every woman every age” they are looking to make age and gender discrimination visible to society by playing for Goal 10 - Reduced Inequalities.

San Diego Soccer Women, as a collective of players, league, sponsors, tournament organizers, supporters and fans, aims to increase the visibility of women’s soccer throughout the region. Each player and teammate benefits from this movement by feeling the pride of being an adult athlete. The recognition and respect for female soccer players falls short worldwide! If we can start with the Southern California women’s soccer scene and move in the direction of building awareness globally, then we are making an impact that will be realized for generations.
— Team Captain Brandi Mitchel

This is how the Team will take action for their goal

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  • Starting soccer programs for age 30 to 70+ women in San Diego.

  • Creating travel opportunities that unite the Global Goals lessons and women's soccer.

  • Posting in social media about older women in soccer.

  • Talking to local soccer organizations about age and gender representation in their media.


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