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Team: Baan Somdej

A quality education for every single child. Gender equality in the classroom. Higher-ed options that don't break the bank.  

If these all sound like the trappings of a fantasy land, it's because most countries still struggle to provide them in some way, shape, or form - even the rich ones.

In the GGWCup Bangkok 2019 the team will play for Global Goal 4 Quality Education.


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Team: BIST Mist

Welcome to team BIST Mist aka @bromsgrovethailand - a school that seeks to an enlightened, disciplined and broad education that responds to global change while retaining core values: Humility and Confidence - Compassion and Ambition - Respect and Curiosity - Tolerance and Vision.

In the GGWCup Bangkok 2019 team BIST Mist will play for Global Goal 4 Quality Education.

We hope the team will bring out all the school’s students to cheer and celebrate the Global Goals.


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Team: Wakanda

The hosts for the GGWCup Bangkok NIST International School is not an ordinary school. It was established in 1992 with support and guidance from the Bangkok-based branch of the United Nations with over 50 nationalities.

Welcome to Nina, Sara, Chantel, Indigo, Nicky, Melissa. Megan and Hannah. TOGETHER WE RISE!

The team will be playing for Global Goal 4 Quality Education.


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Team: Soccer United

Soccer United is ready to stand for Quality Education!

Yes. Simple and to the point, Soccer united girls team have not wasted any time in telling their competitors what they really want and that's to 'Keep The Dream Alive' and the omens are looking good for them to reign supreme at the Global Goals World Cup.

Let’s do this. Let’s stand together! Let’s keep our dream alive!


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Team: The Amazons

The Amazons are representing SP Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR) and will be hoping to give all the other teams an education in the art of football. All for one and one for all is their essence and we're hoping that they provide some really good competition at the Global Goals World Cup.

In the GGWCup The Amazons will be playing for Global Goal 4 Quality Education.


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Team: 8 Enthusiasts

The 8 Enthusiasts' Save the Children India from Save the Children India are all ready to be a part of the Global Goals World Cup (GGWCup).

With the team motto 'Education is the Key’, these girls will be part of an open women’s -6 minutes a match -street soccer tournament. The aim of this game is to leverage the power of sport to raise awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and engage women in achieving the SDGs.

Here's wishing the girls the very best for the upcoming GGWCup on 2 February in Mumbai. 


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Quality Education Inside and Outside the Classroom

When you think of education, an image of a classroom with a group of students sitting at desks most likely comes to mind. The truth is, education comes in many forms – and isn’t just restricted by the premises of a classroom. Meyers FC believes that education means providing individuals with the proper resources to get desired opportunities in life. Naturally, they will be playing for GOAL #4: Quality Education.

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