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Global Goal 4 - Quality Education

Big welcome to coach Shabnam Ruhin and her team, Hope Fighters!

Girl Power's mission is "to use the power of sport and movement to empower and improve inclusion and social participation of women and girls."

Shabnam Ruhin is one of the EU Ambassador Coaches selected as part of our overall project GGWCup Europe. Learn more about the special ErasmusPlus project here and read more about Shabnam here

See you on the pitch in Copenhagen May 14!

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We use the power of football to empower women. We use the power of football to raise awareness.
— Shabnam Ruhin

Team Hope Fighters will be playing for Goal 4: Quality Education.

The players on team Hope Fighters have all "faced a discrimination of some sort". For example they have been experiencing difficulties in finding a job when wearing the hijab, or on the contrary, have been feeling like the “outsider” of the family because of not wearing the hijab and having short hair and playing football. 

How will the team take action for their Goal?

  • The team will visit refugee camps and share their stories on how it is possible to get an education.

  • The team will use the power of sports, movement and football to engage the young women in the conversations.

  • The team will let the conversations and visits evolve naturally.

We visited a school and we had a Workshop with a class about team building, awareness and empowerment. We talk a lot about our experiences with the combination of football and education. How we made it, how much football helped us to have a quality education and how important integration is. We also talked about their dreams and future plans in relation with education and our goal number 4. We build small groups with  3-4 girls and the groups present their vision. At the end the girls they were much more confident as at the beginning. We played football and we had much fun. Our plan is to visit other schools and act as a role model for young girls. The feedback from the school, they want that we also offer it for other classes at the school. They were very happy with the workshop and we had a lot of positive feedback from other teachers.” 

Meet the Players

Meet Sara Akbulut. "In this world you have only one ultimatum weapon and that is education! Money and power are nothing compared to knowledge! Education not only means going to school, it also means that you have to give your knowledge to the person next to you. In my opinion, everyone needs the access to educate themselves, go on trips and see the world to gain knowledge, wisdom and an open mind. And with that the world is gonna be in good, reflective and optimistic hands." 

Meet Nasiha Kader. She’s 27 and studying Special Needs Education in Mathematics at the University of Hamburg and will finish her master’s degree this year. “Our goal, Quality Education, is important to me because education is not accessible to everyone in the world. I want to call attention to people, players and the audience of the Global Goal World Cup and Impact Games to understand that the education we have in Europe is not taken for granted. We need quality education everywhere and for everyone. This means the inclusion and equality of disabled people and refugees, too. Quality education equals inclusion!”

Meet Zuhra Kader. Why is quality education important to her? “In my opinion, education is the first basic step to achieve other important development goals such as gender equality, good health, decent work and economic growth, peace justice and strong institutions, without education, we cannot achieve freedom! Without education, people cannot develop their potential. The lack of basic skills like reading, writing and arithmetic makes it impossible to lead a self- determined life or to participate actively in social processes. In addition, education contributes significantly to poverty reduction and is a key element of development, both at the individual and societal levels. Education is not only the prerequisite for sustainable economic growth, but it also promotes particular participation in political events. In addition, education shows young people perspectives for their future lives and is thus a key in the fight against youth violence.


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