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Big action points was scored at the Sunday Friendly


Sunday September 7th, 2019 Teams Formation @djofnyc and Team Chica's Girls @Chica’s_girls_academy met up in Laurel Hill Park Soccer Ground at Laurill Hill Park, NJ, for the first Friendly before the GGWCup Finals in New York City September 25th.

Thank you Sanna from Team Formation for doing all the on-site arranging and bringing balls and fruit snacks.

  • 15 players

  • Weather: 76 degrees ☀️

  • Warm up 9AM - 10AM

  • Matches from 10AM - 11AM

  • 5v5 and 6 min. matches and 5v5.

We hope for another friendly before September 25th. Stay tuned.

Team Formation will play for Global Goal 5 Gender Equality in the tournament:

We are all expats living in The US, having moved here from Denmark. This gives us a unique position to see and identify the challenges women may come across as expats. It also gives us a comparative insight to the issues you experience here in the US compared to for example in Denmark. Something our Team Formation reflects regularly.

Team Formation will play for Global Goal 3 Good Health & Well-being and Goal 4 Quality Education in the tournament:

“I want to give these young ladies the opportunity to continue playing a sport they love maintain good health and enhance their skills to become better players,”— Chica Vera, Founder .

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