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Team Green Hope Foundation

Global Goal 13 - Climate Action

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The Future is Green

Team captain Kehkashan Basu @kehkashan5basu has been impacting the global community since 2010 with her work on peace, children’s rights, education for sustainable development, gender equality and climate justice. In 2013 at the age of 12, she was elected for a 2 year term, to UNEP’s (United Nations Environment Programme).

Kehkashan founded Green Hope Foundation in 2012, and September 7 2018 she was named one of Canada's Top 25 Women of Influence. This September Kehkashan was chosen as Futurum Careers’s Youth Ambassador for Environment Research.

This will be the third time the Foundation is playing for SDG 13 in a GGWCup.

Our planet is burning , literally — from the Amazon to the forests in Borneo. Climate change and global warming are the biggest threats to the future of humankind . This a goal worth playing for — our lives and that of future generations depend on us mitigating climate change.
— Kehkashan Basu

This is how the Team will take action for their goal

Team Green Hope Foundation from Canada are taking actions at a grass roots level as well as influencing policy making.

  • Mobilizing young people to plant trees and advocate for climate action.

  • They work in 14 countries to mitigate climate change, by especially engaging the vulnerable sections of civil society in both urban and rural communities.

  • They take action through building awareness about climate change , its impacts and then take actions to mitigate it , through tree plantings, stopping land degradation, reducing wastage away from landfills , conserving biodiversity and reducing one's carbon footprint.


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