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GGWCup Co-Founder transitions to advisory role, as the Cup reaches magical milestone


Press Release, Friday August 30th, 2019

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When the 4th GGWCup Global Final is played in New York this September, it will mark an important milestone, as local organizers of no less than 13 future Global Goals World Cup tournaments around the world will convene in New York in preparation for their events. 

”We always had a dream that we would create something that was so universally inspiring, that people all over the world would like to join and make it their own. Now this dream is materializing at a speed that we had never imagined possible,” Co-Founder Rikke Ronholt explains. 

However, for the first time, since she founded Global Goals World Cup together with Majken Gilmartin in 2016, Ronholt will only be following the action on social media, as she exchanges the football pitch with the Masters program in Leadership for Sustainability at Malmo University. 

”My role in this project has been to develop the concept and grow our model into something that is scalable. It has been an amazing ride for the past four years, but now I feel it is time to hand over the day-to-day management to a team that can really get operational as we expand. I have been feeling a growing desire to consolidate all the practical experience that my years of work with the Global Goals has given me, into a more coherent theoretical platform. I feel so fortunate to be given an opportunity to do it through this Masters program. We are all learning as we go, implementing the Sustainable Development Goals, as they have no precedence. So I want to take a moment to dive a little deeper into what we know so far, and hopefully be able to contribute to our knowledge of how organizations can accelerate progress even further towards 2030”.

GGWCup Europe 2019 Rikke Ronholt Albertsen

Ronholt continues her position as executive project manager on the Erasmus+ project until it concludes at the end of October, and maintains her position in the board of Eir Soccer –The mother organization behind Global Goals World Cup. She also joins the GGWCup Advisory Board. 

”Global Goals World Cup will always be my baby. I am so proud of what we have managed to build just with a crazy dream and the willingness to go all in, believing that there are more ways than one to create a global sports event. Majken and I have been giving this project all our time and resources for four years. But it has been worth every single hour, especially because of all the incredible people who have shared our vision and worked with us to help it materialize. And because of the beautiful multitude of players from all over the world who have joined us in making the Cup come alive. This World Cup is a true product of co-creation and to me, a powerful example of UN Global Goal 17 in action. I look so much forward to continue to support it as we grow.” 


About Rikke Ronholt Albertsen 

  • Rikke Ronholt Albertsen 43, 

  • Co-Founder and former Co-CEO of Global Goals World Cup

  • Rikke is of Danish-Ghanaian descent.

  • Competed for Denmark in Track and Field.

  • She studied International Affairs and International Law in USA and Australia before joining Implement Consulting Group as a management consultant.

  • In 2013 moved into sustainable development communication at World’s Best News before joining Eir Soccer in building GGWCup in 2016. 

  • Lives in Copenhagen with her husband and two children.