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Team Forca Goa

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It’s an honor to introduce Team Forca Goa

Team Forca Goa, from the Forca Goa Foundation, India, were the proud winners of GGWCup Mumbai 2019.

To qualify to play in a Global Goals World Cup the teams have to pick one of the 17 Goals to play and take action for. But the Forca Goa team was a really special at our Mumbai tournament because they chose to play for not only one, but three Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 3 Good Health and Well-Being, SDG 5 Gender Equality and SDG 12 Responsible Production and Consumption.

Forca Goa takes these goals seriously both on and off the field. “All our footballs are fairtrade,” because, as Ishita tells us, “not many people know that footballs are hand-stitched and more often than not they are made with child labor.”

The progress of a country entirely depends on how their women are represented. Gender equality means equal opportunities and thereafter a fair, more progressive world.

Please read the tete-a-tete with team captain Ishita.

This is how the Team will take action for their goals

One way in which the Forca Goa Foundation is tackling gender equality through football is their crusade to get more women into full-time football coaching. Coaches are essential to the empowerment of the players, because they “are not just coaches, they are role models.” The coach's job is both “a great honor and responsibility,” in Ishita’s words, because they “help shape kids, not into not just good football players, but into good citizens.”

  • Equal training opportunities for boys and girls - creating campaigns to encourage parents to send their daughters to play

  • Not only host exclusive female coaching programs to get more women coaches but also conduct coach workshops on gender sensitization

  • Assisted FC Goa to field the only women’s team among ISL clubs

  • Creating female role models to advocate for the SDGS.

“Grassroots football isn’t about the trophies you win. It’s about the difference you make to a young person’s life!”
— Ishita, team captain

"1 day to go for the #GlobalGoals World Cup in Mumbai. We have some serious goals to achieve and we can't do it without all of you 🙌🤘 #ggwcup #forcagoa #SDG2020" - @forcagoafoundation (Instagram)

Flashback to GGWCup Mumbai 2019

In the media & team action

A Mumbai Agency Launches a Campaign to Enable Better Representation of Women in Football in India (VICE): In collaboration with the Forca Goa Foundation, the first phase of an activism spurred by Ruchika Parab has given birth to ‘A Girl’s Place’, which reclaims, and breaks, this sexist cliche.
A Read article (VICE)


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