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GGWCup Bangkok - All teams blew us away all day

GGWCUP Bangkok is over and we have a winner - and in many ways all of the teams are winners today. I say that after every tournament, but am serious. These teams of women around the world are coming together to speak up and take action. Its magic and I cry everytime, it just touches my heart & soul so deeply. Today teams playing and connecting are coming from all over Thailand. Talking air pollution, gender equality and education as a big driver for change. Bangkok’s tournament is where we have had the most teams of teachers, heard curious and playful conversations, and had a great level of dance on and off the field.

PlayOnside won, followed by Pink Falcons

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Team: Power Explores

Stephen Hawking cared most about Global Goals 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.

“The more people who know abou the Goals [… ] and people can not fight for their rights, if do not know what they are,” – Stephen Hawking.

Team Power Explores, thank you for speaking up for the Goal that ‘explores’ the activist in you and the team! We are excited to hear your voice February 2nd in Bangkok.

In the GGWCup Bangkok 2019 team Power Explores will play for Global Goal 9.


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Team: Baan Somdej

A quality education for every single child. Gender equality in the classroom. Higher-ed options that don't break the bank.  

If these all sound like the trappings of a fantasy land, it's because most countries still struggle to provide them in some way, shape, or form - even the rich ones.

In the GGWCup Bangkok 2019 the team will play for Global Goal 4 Quality Education.


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Team: BoBo's Bulldogs

“We are teachers and staff from Bangkok Preparatory and Secondary International School. We have chosen to play for Global Goal 14 Life Below Water because we are a gold flag Eco School and currently have Bobo the Whale visiting us highlighting the large amount of plastic that is dumped in the Ocean. It is time to DIVE in and take more ACTION!”

In the GGWCup Bangkok 2019 the team will play for Global Goal 14 Life Below Water.


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Team: BIST Mist

Welcome to team BIST Mist aka @bromsgrovethailand - a school that seeks to an enlightened, disciplined and broad education that responds to global change while retaining core values: Humility and Confidence - Compassion and Ambition - Respect and Curiosity - Tolerance and Vision.

In the GGWCup Bangkok 2019 team BIST Mist will play for Global Goal 4 Quality Education.

We hope the team will bring out all the school’s students to cheer and celebrate the Global Goals.


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Team: Play Onside

We are Burmese migrant women living and working in Mae Sot a city on the Thai-Burma border. We all work as coaches and educators in PlayOnside, an organization that uses football to promote gender equality among the Burmese community displaced in Thailand. For all of us, playing football was something that we could not imagine when we were kids. We have started coaching and playing 2 years ago and become a great role model of the change in our communities. We want to join this event to promote the goal of Gender Equality in the field of sport.

We believe that together we are stronger!


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Team: Wakanda

The hosts for the GGWCup Bangkok NIST International School is not an ordinary school. It was established in 1992 with support and guidance from the Bangkok-based branch of the United Nations with over 50 nationalities.

Welcome to Nina, Sara, Chantel, Indigo, Nicky, Melissa. Megan and Hannah. TOGETHER WE RISE!

The team will be playing for Global Goal 4 Quality Education.


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