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Team: BoBo's Bulldogs

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“We are teachers and staff from Bangkok Preparatory and Secondary International School.

We have chosen to play for Global Goal 14 Life Below Water because we are a gold flag Eco School and currently have Bobo the Whale visiting us highlighting the large amount of plastic that is dumped in the Ocean.

Being located in Thailand with plastic use so high, we want to further educate our students and the wider community about the importance of reducing single use plastic. We are also hosting the FOBISIA Environmental Conference and always have a strong focus on improving the environment.

Many of our staff & students visit the seaside and have seen first hand the damage we are causing. It is time to DIVE in and take more ACTION!”

Welcome to Genevieve, Katrina, Alison, Chloe, Kim, Justyna, Natasha, Catherine, Palna, Cesca, Semhar and Jess.

In the GGWCup Bangkok 2019 the team will play for Global Goal 14 Life Below Water.


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Team action

  • Promote Bobo the Whale at our school

  • Hosting the FOBISIA Environmental Conference. We are asking our school community to take pledges to help reduce plastic that will end up in our oceans

  • We will be posting regular FB & Instagram. Please see #bobothewhale

  • Our kit will be made in organic cotton

  • We are decorating our whale at the conference

  • Bobo the whale is being decorated by our Primary students.