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GGWCup Bangkok - All teams blew us away all day

The finalist PlayOnside & Pink Falcons at GGWCup Bangkok Feb 9th, 2019. Tournament no 11.   Watch PlayOnside’s game day video here .

The finalist PlayOnside & Pink Falcons at GGWCup Bangkok Feb 9th, 2019. Tournament no 11.
Watch PlayOnside’s game day video here.

GGWCUP Bangkok is over and we have a winner - and in many ways all of the teams are winners today. I say that after every tournament, but am serious. These teams of women around the world are coming together to speak up and take action. Its magic and I cry everytime, it just touches my heart & soul so deeply. Today teams playing and connecting are coming from all over Thailand. Talking air pollution, gender equality and education as a big driver for change. Bangkok’s tournament is where we have had the most teams of teachers, heard curious and playful conversations, and had a great level of dance on and off the field.

PlayOnside won, followed by Pink Falcons. PlayOnside come from north Thailand close to Burma where the team, a group of teachers promote gender equality to the Burmese community. Most of the players had never been to Bangkok. So we weren’t the only tourists in town. Pink Falcons, a group of mothers to students from NIST International School, have been speaking up about air pollution with the #bringbackbluesky - for a cleaner future - and we promise to keep bringing clean air into our conversations when we play around the world. This team of teachers and amazing mothers all brought their kids along - when I see this I know the world will be alright. If a mother is active there is a 98% chance that her children will be too.

Coming straight from India where kindness is a natural instinct it’s hard to go anywhere from there, but the Chelsea crew has a global trust in hard work, having fun and being kind to each other. I love their outlook of the world. We are so thankful for them. NIST opened up their school where the Gymnasts did the cutest opening ceremony and made the team presentation truly rewarding.

Now eating mango and drinking tea.. winding down going through tons of pictures (will share soon) and then soon winding back up for our Global Goals Kids tournament tomorrow.

Thank you to all our beautiful partners: Chelsea FC IDC Bangkok, NIST International School, SAP Next-Gen, UNDP, The Global Goals, Project Everyone, The Royal Danish Embassy in Thailand, Global Citizen, Little Sun.

Thank you all teams for joining today. You are Women of the World.

- Majken