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Team: Baan Somdej

The end of poverty begins in the classroom


What is Global Goal 4? 

Short answer: Quality education for all. 

Long answer: To "ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all." That's how the UN worded it in its overview of the Goals.

Breaking it down a bit further, this goal is really addressing two distinct but inseparable trouble spots affecting education around the world today. 

1) Access: Right now, something like 60 million children aren't in school for all kinds of reasons. Add to that the 781 million illiterate adults and all the college-age kids who can't afford to continue their studies (not to mention all the girls and women denied the same opportunities as their male peers) and it's clear that achieving Goal 4 starts with improving access to education in all its forms. 

2) Quality: Getting students in school is only half the battle—what they learn there matters, too. That's why quality is so clearly emphasized in the wording of Goal 4. Quality means implementing effective curricula and measuring outcomes. It also means providing students with facilities and resources, like the Internet, to help them keep pace with the modern world. 

In a nutshell, all the sub-goals and targets nested within Goal 4 fall into those two categories. All of which sounds great in theory. But as always, the million-dollar question is....”

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In the GGWCup Bangkok 2019 the team will play for Global Goal 4 Quality Education.


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