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Team: Play Onside


We all work as coaches and educators in PlayOnside, an organization that uses football to promote gender equality among the Burmese community displaced in Thailand.

PlayOnside promotes gender equality for migrant students in Mae Sot so fits perfectly. This year we have reached 38% and the numbers are increasing every year. Most of the girls in our region think they don’t have much opportunity and chance to practice sports and especially football as it is seen as a boy’s game.

We want to improve our knowledge and develop new ideas from this experience. This event can be very powerful to keep our work and it will be a great example that we can change things and that there are more opportunities. Great way to motivate the young women to face challenges and show that if you put effort things it will come. 

We plan to organize a presentation and workshop after the event and as we said before will bring energy and hope to keep going. Also, We think this is a great opportunity to meet other people, not only women working on this field and share experiences, methodologies, challenges and expand the network of people or organizations that are fighting for the same rights. 

We are Burmese migrant women living and working in Mae Sot a city on the Thai-Burma border. For all of us, playing football was something that we could not imagine when we were kids. We have started coaching and playing 2 years ago and become a great role model of the change in our communities. We want to join this event to promote the goal of Gender Equality in the field of sport.

We believe that together we are stronger!

Hear, hear! Welcome PlayOnside

In the GGWCup Bangkok 2019 the team will play for Global Goal 5 Gender Equality.


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