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Team: 8 Enthusiasts

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The 8 Enthusiasts from Save the Children India are all ready to be a part of the Global Goals World Cup (GGWCup).

With the team motto 'Education is the Key’, these girls will be part of an open women’s -6 minutes a match -street soccer tournament. The aim of this game is to leverage the power of sport to raise awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and engage women in achieving the SDGs.

Here's wishing the girls the very best for the upcoming GGWCup on 2 February in Mumbai. 


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Meet the players

Sanali Mumbai team 2019.jpg

With only a week to go for the GGWCup Mumbai, our girls are enthusiastically preparing for the big day! Our next story is that of Sonali who is also a part of the fantastic team of 8 playing for the cause of 'Quality Education'.
Sonali and her family live on the street in a makeshift home; the lack of identity started to deter her from continuing her studies. Support and timely intervention helped Sonali regain normalcy - thereafter she excelled at sports and extra-curricular activities. Read more about her here: 

Zannet Mumbai 2019

Meet another member of the GGWCup Mumbai team, Zannat. Zannat was almost on the verge of losing out the chance of further education due to her family’s struggle of making ends meet. She understood the role, quality education can play at paving a path for her future and chose to continue her studies at the evening school.

Read the full story here: to know more about Zannat, our young writer and footballer.

Rizwana Mumbai 2019.jpg

As we gear up for the upcoming Global Goals World Cup we give you a chance to get a sneak peek into the lives of our team players, each one of them being #Changemakers and game changers in their respective lives. 

Rizwana, all but 13-year-old is the finest example of what education can do in changing the life story of a child and the people around them. 

Rizwana stood up valiantly against child marriage in favour of education and created a ripple effect by pulling more children out of the dark abyss of child labour - helping them get back to their rightful place, ‘the school’.

Read more about her, here: