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Profile: Sapphire Carrington -Bringing the Global Goals home!

Sapphire Carrington is sweating, and cursing me under her breath for dragging her out on this morning run around Soufriere a small village about 30 minutes drive from Roseau, the Capital of Dominica. In two days Roseau will host the 9th Global Goals World Cup tournament -The first in the Caribbean. After that, I have to return to freezing Denmark. So I am determined to absorb as much of the abundant beauty and warmth of this island as I can! 

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Sport4TheSDGs Pledge...It is ON!

1060 players, 44 nationalities, 17 Global Goals

On June 8th Two of the largest youth soccer camps in the world joined GGWCUP in pledging their support for the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. They Pledged to introduce the young players to the Goals, and integrate them in the camp program.

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Thank you Mothers, for giving your children the gift of sport.

Thank you Mothers, for giving your children the gift of sport. 

One of my earliest and happiest childhood memories is being allowed onto the bench at half time of one of my mother’s basketball games.
Climbing onto her lap and feeling the heat radiating from her body, her heart pounding against my back through her soaking wet jersey, inhaling the smell of her fresh sweat while listening to hear labored breathing, as she prepared to go back onto the court. I felt so safe, so at home, so included in her world.

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Fathers of daughters -A force to be reckoned with...

Fathers of daughters -A force to be reckoned with.

There is something about knowing, that unless you do something, your girl will grow up in a world where there are still laws and practices which will discriminate and limit her, purely based on her sex. -something, that just pushes a man from "sure, I support gender equality -in theory" into full blown action...

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Change has a sound...-It was composed by Ihan Haydar

Change has a sound...-It was composed by Ihan Haydar.

When we asked the ubercool drummer from the Danish band L.I.G.A to be a Global Goals World Cup ambassador, we could never have dreamed of the profound way she would impact our project. She showed up for what was just meant to be a regular photo shoot, doing a bit of PR for us, and left with the idea to compose our anthem! 

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