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Sport4TheSDGs Pledge...It is ON!

1060 players, 44 nationalities, 17 Global Goals

On June 8th Two of the largest youth soccer camps in the world joined GGWCUP in pledging their support for the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. They Pledged to introduce the young players to the Goals, and integrate them in the camp program.
Read about the pledge here

This week, Dana Cup in Hjørring in Northern Denmark showed that they are both willing and able to live up to the pledge and take on the challenge. Each day, the players where introduced to cool soccer games, that bring the essence of each Global Goal to life. And the teams where asked to choose their favorite Global Goal to play for.

Thank you to  brilliant Becca Todd for traveling to Hjørring to teach the kids the SDG games that she and our amazing crew of young coaches have been developing for the past two years. And to Marie Hansen for coordinating and editing videos. Soon we will make the games available on for all coaches and teachers who would like to be part of raising awareness and spreading the word about the Global Goals through sport.
"People can't fight for their rights if they don't know what they are" (Founder of Project Everyone -Richard Curtis)
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