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These are our Stars!

We are starting a new tradition at GGWCUP. Over the next months building up to the fall tournaments in New York and Bangkok, we want everyone to get a whole lot better acquainted with the brilliant women who make GGWCUP what it is: The fierce and passionate players, who continue to make our day -every day! 

So, if you have played in a GGWCUP event or are planning to play, tell us who you are: Post a picture of you/your team in your most wacky/cool/favorite soccer outfit, and answer the same questions as Prischillah. Post on facebook or on Instagram and tag #ggwcup, then you will show up in our homepage feed. 

Today: Meet Priscilla Ngunju from Amref Health Africa , who played on the Mamas United team in Nairobi in March. 

#TellUsWhoYouAre #ggwcup Wangui and Prischillah in Nairobi

#TellUsWhoYouAre #ggwcup Wangui and Prischillah in Nairobi