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Set sail for the Goals

The world of sport is waking up to it’s potential as a great Global Goals advocate. This Sunday, the turn came to Sailing. GGWCUP partner Goodwings invited all their partners to participate in an exciting match race for the Goals.

The crews of the boats, which where made up of a mix of experienced and inexperienced sailors, each chose which goal to sail for.

Goal 3: Heath and wellbeing became the overall champion, with goal 11 Sustainable Cities and communities not far behind.

It was a day of great fun and important communication and dialogue about the Goals, and what they mean to us.

Rikke Rønholt from Global Goals World Cup was invited to be speaker at the event. Being a Track and Field athlete, she left the sailing insights to co-commentator: Olympic medalist Jonas Høgh-Christensen. But having spent over two years in the close company of the SDG's she had one or two things to say about Sustainable Development -Enough to fill four hours actually!

Goodwings is a unique social entrepreneur, disrupting the travel industry by challenging the premise that online travel agents be default must use loads of money on Google adds. Instead they partner with NGO’s and companies with lots of members and employees, who then spread the message and book through their platform, thus releasing a percentage of their marketing budget to donate to sustainable development initiatives.

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