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Uniting sport for the Global Goals

Left to right: Frank Bakke Jensen, Tony Isaksen, Majken Gilmartin, Rikke Rønholt, Rannveig Sundelin, Erna Solberg, Alison Forman, Jette Andersen, Åsne Havnelid  photos by  Paul Borhaug

Left to right: Frank Bakke Jensen, Tony Isaksen, Majken Gilmartin, Rikke Rønholt, Rannveig Sundelin, Erna Solberg, Alison Forman, Jette Andersen, Åsne Havnelid

photos by  Paul Borhaug

Pledging for the Goals
On June 8 the heads of two of the largest youth soccer camps in the world met with Global Goals World Cup to sign a pledge to integrate the Global Goals in their programs, thus introducing thousands of players, their parents and their host communities to the message and values of the Sustainable Development Goals. With this pledge, which was recognized by Prime minister Erna Solberg and Minister EAA and EU affairs Frank Bakke Jensen, sport takes an important step towards living up to its potential to be a key enabler of sustainable development and a real partner for governments and private sector in popularizing this agenda and making the Global Goals part of the collective conscience that connects us across boarders -much like the love for soccer!

Commitments of the Pledge: 

About the pledging organisations: 

Norway Cup: 
Norway Cup is the world’s largest football tournament for children and young people aged 10 to 19 years old. In 2016 they reached an all time high with 2199 teams participating. And 1600 volunteers from Bækkelagets Sportsklub contributing over 60.000 volunteer hours during the one week event. Over the years players and referees from 126 countries have participated in Norway Cup.
Norway Cup's vision is to be the world's most important arena for the enjoyment of sport and friendship." To help achieve the UN development sustainability goals (SDG’s) is a given part of our vision and our social responsibility" says Tony Isaksen, head of Norway Cup. See more on

Dana Cup: 
Dana Cup Hjørring, founded in 1982 in Denmark and known as one of the best international youth soccer tournaments in the World. More than 1.100 teams and around 30.000 players, family members and supporters from all over the world are united for one week during the Danish summer, supplying them with a platform for unification through the beautiful game of football while highlighting diversity and gender equality.
"The global goals Pledge gives us a unique opportunity to influence and raise awareness for Sustainable Development issues" say Alison Forman from Dana Cup. 

Global Goals World Cup:
The newest initiative by Eir Soccer, a grassroots sports organization founded in 2000. Eir Soccer works with UN agencies, civil society, private sector and governments to form platforms that elevate cross cutting dialogue and action for sustainable development through soccer. Global Goals World Cup is a world series of spectacular women’s street tournaments, based on a unique tournament model that awards equal points for sustainable development action and soccer skills. "We truly believe that sport has an important role to play in realising the Sustainable Development Goals, and we will do our best to mobilize our sister organisations across the world. This initiative is a great start, that we hope to expand over the coming years" Says Rikke Ronholt, Co-founder of Global goals World Cup. 
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High level support
The signing of the pledge was marked by a soccer event in Oslo in front of the Nobel peace centre. With Prime minister of Norway Erna Solberg opening the games. If you understand Norwegian watch her insightful words on how sport and youth are central to achieving the goals. Nad how we can all "play each other better" in support of the Goals. 

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