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Coster-Waldau and Boca Juniors for the Global Goals in Buenos Aires


Imagine a world without soccer. -Impossible, right? Now imagine a world where all the biggest clubs in this omni-present sport supported and promoted the Global Goals. Yeah...cherish that thought. -We are talking millions and millions of minds reached.
Last Friday Nikolaj Coster-Waldau did his best to make that vision come true.
He met up with the men's and Women's team form Boca Juniors, -the home of Diego Maradona and the inhabitants of the legendary La Bombonera Stadium in Buenos Aires.

Nikolaj visited Buenos Aires in his role as Game of Thrones star at the Argentina ComicCon. But he found time to swing by the Stadium along with the Danish Ambassador to Argentina, for a quick game and a talk about the world we want.

Boca Juniors are already using soccer to change lives through their social soccer program for disadvantaged children, where in the spirit of goal 17 (Partnerships for the Goals) they are working with local clubs to reach thousands of children in Buenos Aires and the surrounding areas.

The women's team Las Gladiadoras, have their heart set on goal 5 (Gender Equality) a few weeks back they famously stood side by side with the archenemies of River Plate and called for an end to violence against women. 

The club's tweets to their millions of followers about Coster Waldau's visit raised a virtual twitter tsunami, highlighting the power of sport to help raise awareness of sustainable development. Other clubs like Liverpool, and Arsenal have also previously supported the global goals. -May many more follow! 

It can't always be easy to have the spotlight of A-list-fame permanently following you wherever you go. But that spotlight is also a powerful currency that can be converted into awareness and engagement. We could think of a quite a few less thoughtful ways of using it.  Way to pay it forward Kingslayer!