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Our Impact Report is Out!

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We are thrilled to present the Impact report from 2017-2018 documenting our work and the feedback we get from players and partners. Thank you to Natalie Collins for her outstanding work, and to all the players who participated in interviews and responded to our surveys. 

Some highlights: 

In order to realize the UN Sustainable Development Goals, from gender inequality to sustainable cities, everyone needs to be given the opportunity to take effective action towards them. If more people are given the space, encouragement and connections they need to engage with the Global Goals, the better equipped they will be to take effective action to realize them within our lifetime. 

Global Goals World Cup is a unique women’s activist football tournament, which uses the universal language and power of sport to unite women from across the world to become change makers in their local communities. By signing up to play in the tournament, women are committing to take action on one of the 17 Global Goals. Working with women at the local level, in addition to private and public organizations across different regions, GGWCup galvanizes mass engagement with, and action, on the Global Goals at a national and international level. 


→ Built women’s confidence to become activists in their communities and beyond. By supporting women, from all walks of life, to learn about and develop their own action towards the Global Goals, GGWCup has nurtured women’s potential to take more active roles in development processes - 75% of players said that taking part in GGWCup has developed their confidence to become an outspoken advocate for the causes they care about. 

→ Encouraged women to become more physically active by making sport more accessible. 35% of players reported that they were not previously active in sports prior to signing up to the GGWCup tournament. The main reasons women cited were a lack of confidence and interest in playing sports. By lowering the barriers to participation and raising the perceived value of sportsmanship by fusing it with activism, GGWCup encourages women to be active. 78% of our players indicated that taking part in the tournament had increased their overall motivation to play sports. 

→ Fostered a high level of civic engagement with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 1200 women across 4 continents have participated in the 6 tournaments we have held since 2016 taking an estimated 20.000 actions to work towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Our impact goes beyond mere awareness-raising, to cultivate meaningful engagement with the SDG’s. 84% of our surveyed players claimed they had learned more about the Global Goals by taking part in GGWCup. We also encourage engagement with the Global Goals beyond the players themselves, by including crowd-engagement in the point-scoring process. This method has resulted in an average turnout of 2000 spectator at each tournament, and millions more participating via social media. 

→ Created partnership for the Global Goals by working with a range of different stakeholders from all sectors of society; from private businesses to civil society organizations, and individual citizens. 89% of women who have played in our tournaments, agree that GGWCup gave them the opportunity to connect with a range of people they otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet. 

Read the full report here

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