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La Liga del Potrero Feminina - Playing for the Global Goals in Argentina!


Playing for the Goals -Throughout a Season!
In between building the Global Goals World Cups and #ggimpactgames a new idea has been brewing: What if a league -Could be any sport, decided to play for the Global Goals? If playing on a team in this league meant that over the course of the season you learn about and take action for the Global Goals. Imagine the impact and the accelerated progress for the communities hosting the league...
We liked this idea, and as it turned out, so did the City of Buenos Aires, The Danish Embassy in Buenos Aires  and Legendary football club Boca Juniors. -Giving us an amazing opportunity to realise our vision.

La Liga del Potrero Feminina is a new football league created by the Boca Juniors Foundation. It was kickstarted on April 21st. The 20 participating teams consist of teenage girls from social clubs in Buenos Aires. We are working with the age group 12-17, and as they meet and play games every Saturday -we are adding some Global Goals magic. Playing in this league will transform these young players into powerful activists and ambassadors for the UN Global Goals:
As part of the league structure the teams each choose one of the UN Global Goals to play and take action for throughout the duration of the tournament. The teams then go through a simple step by step process, which gives them the tools for transforming a cause into action. Each week  in connection with their games the teams discuss their chosen goal and what actions they will take. Besides from inspiring and motivating each other to create impact, they also build connections with the other teams that are about much more than winning or loosing, but about their generation co-creating the world they want to grow up in. 

Building Progress Together.
We always challenge ourselves to do everything in partnership with others. We find it makes us stronger, more playful and better at listening to what really works.  And in truth we believe that the only way we will reach the Global Goals by 2030 is if everyone feels that they own the Goals. So like everything else we do, this League is Goal 17 in action

Before kickstarting the league april 21st we spent time with all the coaches - teaching them methods/drills to work the Global Goals into their training, listening to their feedback and visiting the teams. This league is only made possible with support from the Danish Embassy in Buenos Aires, Boca Juniors Foundation, The City of Buenos Aires, AFISI (Arla Food Ingredients), Lone Lighthouse, Coaches Across Continents,  GANNI, UNDP,  The IOC and Bread&Butter

Presenting at the Youth Olympics
On October 5th - we have been invited present this idea  - together with some of the participating teams - in connection with the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires

Want to bring the Global Goals to your league? 
We hope we might inspire leagues all over - to also take ownership of the Global Goals. If you want to turn your league into a league for the goal - you are super welcome to reach out to us on ggwcup(@)  for inspiration and please share what you do so we can brag and support each other.

here you can download the manual we use with our teams giving them inspiration and tools picking what goal they want to play and take action for.  (English with some Spanish translation) We also use these two great films from project everyone to help introduce the coaches and players to the goals. 
Also these films are great for inspiring pleayers

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