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Announcing Plans for GGWCup Dominica! 2.November 2018

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Save the Date! The Global Goals World Cup is coming to Dominca. November 2. 2018

The GGWCup, in collaboration with the Commonwealth of Dominica is proud to bring the power of the United Nations Global Goals to the Caribbean organizing the first amateur women’s soccer tournament on the island.

"What I have seen all over the world in being a UNICEF ambassador and international goalkeeper for 18 years is when you drop a football in any area, you change and empower young girls and women in so many different ways. Football is more than a game. The friends I have made in playing football are life lasting friendships and these women are who have played a big part in shaping me into the woman that I am today" 
Karina LeBlanc, GGWCup Ambassador

Who can play? 

YOU! Join us. Sign up today and start the adventure! Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Friends, Students and Professionals, Advocates and Neighbours.  No soccer experience necessary. Come ready to learn, grow and play for the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Story: On September 19th, 2017 eight women came to New York City, excited and prepared to represent their home country, Dominica in the Global Goals World Cup finals.

Before the first whistle was blown, the game was over for team Dominica.

Hurricane Maria became the team to beat. The 8 players went home without playing.

Fast forward to spring 2018. The island is still in disaster recovery mode and the need for inspiration and action is more important than ever.

Join us on November 2, Windsor Park/ Botanical Gardens, Roseau as we celebrate and elevate the resiliency of the women of Dominica.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals were created to protect our climate, eliminate poverty, empower women and girls and so much more. The Global Goals World Cup provides the platform for this champion collaboration for the SDGs.


Go to the eventpage to find out how to sign up a team or support this event as sponsor or partner.