Tereza Kramlova

GGWCup team from Czech Republic

Team The Same will play for Global Goal 10 - Reduce Inequalities

This team is comprised of girls from children's homes and circus caravans.


Meet the team: The Same


This team is comprised of girls from children's homes and circus caravans.

They will be playing for children and young people from children's homes for them to know that their dreams can come true. This team chose SDG10 and they want to tell everyone that it doesn't matter who your parents are. What matters is who you decide to be.

How will the team take action for Goal 10 - Reduce Inequalities?

  • Together with Veronika Kašáková, model and founder of her endowment fund, the team will go to children's home to have a discussion. 

  • The team will engage all children´s homes in the Czech Republic in making their mascot.

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About team captain and coach Tereza Kramlova

Prague, Czech Republic

I grew up in nomadic family, moving from town to town every week, coming across prejudice every day. I had to join a new group of children in school every week and face jeers, ignorance and cruelty. And that is probably the reason why I now work in endowment fund helping children in children’s homes who might face similar situations.

My motivation to be a part of this special GGWCup & Erasmus+ Programme project

In my job I perceive that children and young people in children’s homes are lacking in motivation and when they finally decide to start doing something they often give up. I would like to change that. Feeling that one belongs somewhere is very important to everyone and girls from children’s homes are no exception. I believe that family are not just blood-related people, but it can be friends or in this case team-mates as well.”


Resume & SDG experience

  • Tereza works for Veronika Kasakova Foundation (Endowment fund of Veronika Kasakova).

  • In their job Tereza and her colleagues support children on their journey from children´s home into the real life.

  • Their vision is that every person leaving children´s home shouldn´t be alone and should know what to expect.

Follow Barbora on  Facebook ,  Instagram ,  Youtube .

Follow Barbora on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.

About coach Barbora Votikova

Prague, Czech Republic

I´ve played football since I was 8 years old. I started playing in a small local team full of boys, but now I am a women's football goalkeeper in SK Slavia Prague and a member of the Czech national team. 

However, football is not the only thing I do. Since 2012 I also film YouTube videos not only about sport, but also about travelling. Sometimes I make amusing sketches as well. These videos are all meant to entertain my viewers, but I believe some of them can also motivate young people to do more sports and do the things they enjoy. I, personally, can´t imagine doing something that doesn´t fulfil me in the long term.

My motivation to be a part of this special GGWCup & Erasmus+ Programme project

Sport is a very important part of my life and it taught me a lot. By participating in GGWCup I want to encourage girls to feel strong, do what they love and to share my passion for football with them. 

I am a very motivated person myself and I believe everybody should do the things that fill them with happiness, try new things and challenges and discover both themselves and the world. I believe taking action in UN Global Goals by participating in GGWCup can help achieve this and more.

Resume & SDG experience

  • Women's football goalkeeper in SK Slavia Prague and also in the Czech national team 

  • played the UEFA Champions League several times

  • Successful youtuber

  • Collaborated with Amnesty International on a human rights campaign “Liberate by signing”

Barbora have participated in a local Amnesty International project “Liberate by signing” aiming to support the compliance of human rights in Azerbaijan, China and Iran. She likes inspiring people to do more sports and to awaken interest in football, especially among girls.

Follow Fabiana on  Facebook  and  Instagram .

Follow Fabiana on Facebook and Instagram.

About coach Fabiana Bytyqi

Prague, Czech Republic

Angel fist. That´s my boxing nickname I got after my very first match. It was a surprise to me to get a nickname immediately and I hoped I would get a rougher one, but eventually I got used to it and I quite like it now.

When I was younger I tried other sports as well, specifically karate and kickboxing. However, I´ve ended up becoming a professional boxer and winning the WBC Championship. This sport taught me how to concentrate and to follow my clear goals which helps me in day-to-day life too.

At the same time, I´m an ergotherapy student. I learn how to support and help people with different types of handicaps and disabilities.”

My motivation to be part of this special GGWCup & Erasmus+ Programme project

I really enjoy sport and boxing. I don´t do it for the sole purpose of winning and I want to pass this approach on other girls, too, because if I felt differently about it, I know it would lose sense. It´s that all the professional sports are influenced by money. A lot of people that surround me do sport for money and they´re very stressed out. It shouldn´t be like this. It´s always up to us whether we´ll be happy or not. By participating in GGWCup I want to inspire all the girls to follow what they love and not to be afraid of trying new things.” 

Resume & SDG experience

In Fabiana’s career she has encountered various prejudice against sportswomen. By her activities she try to support girls and women in choosing the way they live their lives themselves and not listening to these opinions. For instance, she was embodied in Puma´s #DOYOU campaign championing individuality and defying inequalities.

  • Professional boxer

  • The youngest reigning WBC Women’s Champion 

  • The first female fighter from the Czech Republic to win a World Championship

  • Ergotherapy student

Awards and acknowledgements

  • WBC World Champion

  • WBC Silver World Female Champion

  • WBO European Champion

  • WBC Youth World Champion


Supporting club / organization

Association of social responsibility (A-CSR) is a non-profit organisation and the biggest social responsibility platform in the Czech Republic connecting members from corporate, non-profit, public and educational sector. A-CSR aims to help its members enhance their potential and competences in CSR and SDGs.

Since 2017, A-CSR awards prizes to both organisations and individuals for fulfilling the UN Global Goals. It is also an umbrella organisation for Giving Tuesday, the international day of charitable giving, in the Czech Republic.


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