Lydia Lechner

GGWCup team from Austria

Team Kicken ohne Grenzen will play for Global Goal 5 - gender equality

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About coach Lydia Lechner

Vienna, Austria

Lydia has been working as a coach in a mixed refugee children's team for the last two years at the project ‘Kicken ohne Grenzen’ (‘Football without Borders’). The weekly training sessions are provided for around 15 kids from several nations all year long. 

My friends would describe me: open-minded, with a high level of communication skills, friendly, optimistic, good organisational skills.

My motivation to be part of this spacial GGWCup & Erasmus+ project

“As a coach at ‘Kicken ohne Grenzen’ I have been able to gain a lot of experience in working with girls and women from socially disadvantaged communities. At our training sessions we regularly use football as a tool to deliver “soft-skills” like self-confidence, fairplay, conflict-resolution and gender-equality. My motivation for this project is to continue the work and motivate a lot of women, no matter nationality, to play football.


Supporting club / organization

Kicken ohne Grenzen’ is an open football project for young people from disadvantaged communities. It allows young people to take part in regular, free training without any performance-related admission criteria, and later provides educational opportunities that make it easier to enter the school system or working life. 

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Meet the team

Team in the making. Pictures will follow soon.



Lydia currently works as a high school teacher and additionally works as a children's coach at ‘Kicken ohne Grenzen’.


SDG experience 

Last autumn Lydia completed a workshop session held by Coaches Across Continents delivering soft-skills like fairplay, conflict resolution and social sensitivity through football.


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