Shabnam Mobarez

GGWCup team from Denmark

Team Team10 will play for Global Goal 10 - reduced inequalities


About Shabnam Mobarez

Afghanistan / Denmark, Aalborg

My motivation to be part of this special GGWCup & Erasmus+ Programme project

“I have always wanted to make a change for women, especially women, who do not get the opportunity to chase their dreams and do something they have a passion for.

Over the years I have traveled back to my native country of Afghanistan and have seen how young girls give up on their dreams because of a lack of opportunities. I want to create those opportunities and help these women. That is my motivation.

My friends would describe me as a funny, outgoing and very passionate person.”

Supporting organization

Shabnam is a part of the Girl Power organisation. Their mission is to use the power of sport and movement to empower & improve the inclusion and social participation of women and girls around the world. Girl Power is a non-profit grassroots sports entity, established in June 2014 in Denmark.

Girl Power was founded by Khalida Popalzai, former captain of Afghanistans women’s national team. Khalida is a warrior for hope and justice and has been a member of our GGWCup Dream Team since 2017 when she was nominated by Moya Dodd, the highest ranking woman in Australian and Asian soccer.


Meet the team: Team10

All the players on this team have faced inequality in a different form. Some just being female and others simply because they didn’t fit in. Goal number 10 is very close and personal to the player because each one of the players wants to share their experience, helping others, who might be going through the same. 

Team10s players are strong women, who aspire to help other women and team work is a work ethic they value a lot. As a coach I am honored to lead this team, because they inspire me to be great with all their amazing stories. My team is a unique team, because we have different age groups, but yet an understanding of what it’s like to stand for each other and helping women with fewer opportunities. 

We will host workshops in one of the asylum centers in northern Denmark, where our focus would be to talk about opportunities and encourage women, who faced inequality in any form. We are also planning to do workshop and leadership exercises to build confidence and stand for their right if they face any kind of inequality in the future.

Teamwork will also be a priority. Stand with each other and having each others back will be one of our focuses. 

The women in center do not allow anyone to take their photos due to security or culture.



  • Shabnam has coached refugee kids aged 6-16 in Brønderslev, Denmark

  • She has been a part of the Afghan Women’s National Team since 2014 and has gotten leadership training at training camps lead by coach Kelly Lindsey. 

  • She received her Fifa coaching license C from Dubai in 2018.

  • She is a member of the EPF family fighting for gender equality for women in sport and has been part of the Jordan Quest


Meet the coaches

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