Carmen Manduapessy

GGWCup team from the Netherlands

Team Favela Street will play for Global Goal 4 - quality education


About Carmen Manduapessy

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

“I grew up with my best friend; football. We fell asleep together, on our journey together we met other like minded boys and girls and I found my talent. I discovered my passion at a very young age, I was 9 when I represented my district and at the age of 13 years I played for the Dutch national youth teams. I also played professional football at SC Heerenveen, FC Utrecht and Ajax. My dream came true.

In 2013 I traveled to Rio de Janeiro as an ambassador for the Favela Street Girls. A program especially for strong young women to become independent football coaches inside their own community. It was an experience that changed me forever. Ever since I have a special connection with Brazil and I have felt the real impact of football. It is a game for everyone.”

A few years ago Carmen stopped playing football, having lost joy in the game, and turned to other ways to be involved. She started working for Ajax and has been working for five years in various functions. Carmen also studies Project Management where she teaches people from different fields of expertise to connect with each other. In her spare time she mentors a Syrian man and teaches language in order for him to integrate into society. She feels that it is vital to care for each other.

My motivation to be part of this special GGWCup & Erasmus+ Programme project

As an ex-professional football player Carmen has experienced first-hand the fight against gender equality.

“ As a little girl there was no professional league for women. I wanted to become a professional football player, but had no prospect of a career in the Netherlands. That was confirmed once more when one day I played with my boys team against SC Heerenveen, a professional football club in the north of the Netherlands. The coach came to me after the game. He told me that I had been scouted for this team if I had not been a girl. Injustice.”

Carmen & Rocky.

Carmen & Rocky.

Supporting organization

With the power of street football Favela Street creates a new generation of strong role models in marginalized communities around the world.

The Dutch footballer Roxanne Hehakaija (better known as “Rocky”) is a familiar face in the international street football world. As the only female member of the Street Legends; the best street football team in the world, she has given several international demonstrations and clinics. Besides her passion for street football, she has played in ‘Jong Oranje’.  The sport flows like blood through her veins!

“Football has made me into the woman that I am, it has given me confidence and pride. I want to pass this on to young people who desperately need it.” – Rocky

After studying marketing and communication Rocky started working at YoungWorks, a communication agency specialized in youth communication based in Amsterdam. There she combines her knowledge about young people which she acquired on the streets, with her marketing and communications background. In addition, Rocky is in various ways actively involved in empowering young people in the Netherlands.

Watch this space for Favela Street in the Global Goals World Cup in Copenhagen 2019!

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