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Youth 2030


YOUTH 2030


Meet this all-star team of Danish and international UN Youth Delegates and Global Peoples summit reps.

Team Captain Natascha Skjaldgaard explains. We chose SDG 5 because we have a saying back home in Denmark - "When women get wings, the world will fly" and we truly believe that empowering young women and girls is key when ti comes to sustainable development, but also for creating positive change in this world..This team is fighting for gender equality, but also for the meaningful inclusion of youth in Agenda 2030 and the SDGs. 

As we are all UN Youth delegates we have direct access to decision makers and will use our access to highlight and emphasize the need to ensure gender equality is achieved, We will emphasize the challenges of achieving gender equality in our speeches and meetings, but most important we will constantly advocate for meaningful inclusion and participation of young people in decision making processes/structures, especially young women from diverse backgrounds. In general we do advocacy work on both local, national and international level with workshops, events etc and will use this actively to spread awareness of SDG 5 and Agenda 2030.