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ASK for Choice I Goal 17 I


ASK for Choice

Goal 17 I Attitude, Skills, Knowledge!


This impressive crew of full time impact coaches working for Coaches Across Continents are ready to play for the power of Partnerships for the Goals.

Team Captain Nora Dooley explains: 
Through partnerships with over 100 organizations in 56 countries across 6 continents we are impacting 13 Global Goals. Last year we played for Goal 5, which remains a priority for our ASK - Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge - for Choice initiative. This year, we want to emphasize more than ever the need to connect and work together to achieve our individual and shared visions for this world. Team ASK for Choice takes action every day!  


About Coaches Across Continents:
Coaches Across Continents is a soccer organization dedicated to improving the lives of young children in poor areas through soccer. From the United Kingdom, the team of coaches all over the world is led by Nick Gates. set up soccer drills and games to educate young players about health and wellness, HIV and other STDs, leadership, how to solve conflicts outside of soccer, and feminism. They work globally to teach these players in order to change the course of their lives for the better. Coaches Across Continents works with local programs (“Hat Trick Initiatives”), offering sessions that last from a couple weeks a year, depending on each program’s needs. These sessions are specifically tailored to the region they take place in. Due to the global reach of the organization, sessions vary based on culture, religion, and the general demographics of that specific area. Varying these sessions is a necessity because CAC needs to be able to adapt to different environments they are coaching in. Different countries have different traditions, values, and ways of life. In order to make the greatest impact on the children they teach, coaches must alter and tweak the curriculum to fit their needs. The partner programs, which often take place after school, run all the time, usually having a few practices a week, with Coaches Across Continents doing additional online mentoring on top of everything else.

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