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Team: Ladies of Fair Football



Ladies of Fair Football

Global Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities


Ladies of Fair Football will play for Global Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities

Team Ladies of Fair Football will be playing for SDG10 – Reduced inequalities. For this team, fair-play is a way of life and players believe that this value is hidden in all of us. They are making noise for fair-play both on and off the pitch. They are part of the Fair-play Football League, organized by the project Football for Development, which uses football as a tool for non-formal education among youth to reduce inequality in society. The League is open to anybody, without restrictions, and it encourages mixed teams where boys and girls get to play together.

This team believes communication is the foundation of everything, therefore they use football to discuss various social topics such as cooperation, healthy lifestyle, conflict prevention, problem solving, critical thinking and protection of the environment. They want to participate in the Global Goals World Cup because they want to make their project more visible for other interested parties (organizations and teams) who could take part in the League and could learn how to use football as a tool of non-formal education!

Fair-play is for us more valuable than just the victory.
— Team Ladies of Fair Football

How will the team take action for their Goal?

  • They make the discussion on reducing inequality more visible in all regions where the League plays, i.e. Ostrava Region, Olomoucký Region, Prague, Ústecký Region, Plzeňský Region and Karlovarský Region. Because the League consists of many different organizations, they talk with them about this topic during workshops and Fair-play Football League matches. Moreover, as the team believes in starting with oneself, they try to talk through the topic of inequality with youth who attend their training sessions.

  • The Fair-play Football League is a part of the project called Football for Development which is held under the organization called INEX-SDA. The project, Football for Development, itself contributes to reduced inequalities, empowering youth leaders and encouraging equal partnerships notably with its campaign which unites Czech and foreign young leaders every summer for a tour around the Czech Republic. The tour features workshops, cultural performances and public events to show the power of football towards positive social change. This year, the campaign starts on 7th June and will last till 7th July and the team will welcome international ambassadors from Colombia and Cambodia, who together with Czech ambassadors will visit all regions running the Fair-play Football Leagues.


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