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Team: Baťovky


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Global Goal 4: Quality Education


Team Baťovky will play for Global Goal 4: Quality Education

Meet the players of Team Baťovky, a group of students from Tomas Bata University in Zlín who love to play football in their free time. They are Sabina Pavková, Michaela Křenková, Marie Vrbková, Zuzana Bačůvková, Blanka Břečková, Zuzana Kendrová, Ema Rozsypalová and Michaela Macová. They want to see a better world: Children, women and men should all have the same opportunities to study, no matter their age or financial means.

They will be playing for more scholarships to support sport activities at universities, inspired by good practice from other countries. They want to share their experience and make more young people interested in education and make the world better by supporting SDG4 - Quality Education.

Education should be focused on individual person and on what the person is best in. Not everyone needs to know everything. It is better to be best in one thing we love than be average at everything. We do not want to be a copy of a copy.
— Team Baťovky

Team Captain Michaela Křenková

Michaela is a second year student of interior design at FMK UTB. She started playing football in the 8th grade and has gone on to represent the Tomas Bata University in everything from the Czech academic games to the World InterUniversities Championships in Barcelona. Football is a hobby which helps her relax from everyday problems. The team chose her as a captain because she has a good heart and wants to contribute to everything good.

How will the team take action for their Goal?

  • They will engage their fans when they are playing by, for example, starting a wave or singing songs with them.

  • They would like to communicate their Goal on social media and take some inspiration on education from other countries


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