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Team: Czechitas


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Global Goal 4: Quality Education


Team Czechitas will play for Global Goal 4: Quality Education

Czechitas want to tell women and young people that IT is future and it’s their future too. The organisation inspires youth and women to get acquainted to the world of IT and supports talents with finding work in the field. This team chose to play for SDG4 - Quality education, and they plan to bring an informal, flexible, hands-on tech education to schools, to parents and train teachers to deliver such classes.

How will the team take action for their Goal?

  • The Czechitas team consists of enthusiastic yet not professional football players. They could easily count the number of times they have ever played soccer on one hand and they have yet to begin learning the rules of the game. The Czechitas team regard their participation at the tournament as a parallel to the women’s journey into the IT field. The beginnings can be hard and discouraging and women often don’t believe they have a spot in the IT industry (the Czech Republic is situated at the second worst place in Europe with only 9 % of women being employed in the IT industry). With a quality education and support by others they are improving and getting more self-confident. And in the end they end up victoriously finding their place in the IT industry! Czechitas' journey to the tournament will be similar. They will practice, improve and finally they'll show everyone!

    Czechitas' aim is to educate and to guide new talents as well as more diversity into the IT industry. They teach adult women, girls and boys up to the age of 18 and also teachers.

    They offer a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from programming, web design and graphical design up to data analysis.

    Czechitas organizes courses on different experience levels with a friendly atmosphere where no question is wrong or judged.

    Czechitas also introduce the world of information technology to younger ones. At our courses children get the chance to practice their logical thinking in a playful way, they learn the basics of programming or they find out how to securely navigate through the cyberspace. Educators on the other hand are presented with such topics that can be applied to the IT education in order to be more playful and to react to the progress in the IT world.


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