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Team: Self-esTÝM




Global Goal 5: Gender Equality


Team Self-esTÝM will play for Global Goal 5: Gender Equality

These players from Unilever put together Team Self-esTÝM. The patron of this team is the Dove company. Their motto is #kopejzarovnost or “kick for equality”. The players are motivated to change the world for better by taking small and big actions every day. They will be playing for SDG5 - Gender Equality.


Self-esTÝM will not be scared off by any stereotypes or prejudice. Their determination cannot be broken. This team is convinced that no stereotypes should hold us back. Self-esTÝM plays for life without prejudice and with respect for our decisions. All the Unilever players stepped out of their comfort zones by signing up for this GGWCup team. However, playing for respect and confidence is worth it!

How will the team take action for their Goal?

They will prepare a campaign that will be introduced in two phases. They will make a series of short inspiring videos with the members of our team about SDG5 and their goals and share them on Unilever’s and Dove’s social media.

STEP 1: Firstly, they will share a personal campaign via Unilever’s social media, that will follow the football players training and their personal stories, intentions and determination.

STEP 2: The second phase will be on Dove’s (Dove and Dove Men+Care) social media in May and will introduce the intentions of their team and its connection with SDG5, mainly confidence. It should also mobilize the fans of the company.

STEP 3: Public education starts with the employees of the company

BONUS: During the event itself they want to raise awareness about Dove’s confidence program to support confidence among girls and to help achieve SDG5.


Team Captain Daniela Krahulíková

Since March she’s been the “captain” of the whole Beauty & Personal Care team of Unilever. She broadened the representation of women in the management of Unilever Czech Republic and Slovakia. However she’s no newcomer to the company— starting in the management trainee program in 2011. Daniela has served in several roles in which she has proved her great leadership skills, courage, tenacity and enthusiasm. In her free time she likes to step out of her comfort zone - she loves adrenalin sports, like Spartan Races. GGWCup will be the right challenge for her not only in terms of sport, but also in terms of the possibility to actively support SDG5.


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