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Team Goleadoras


GGWCup NYC Finals Qualifier

GGWCup NYC 2019 and winners from 2019 team Goleadoras

Team Goleadoras

Global Goal 5 - Gender Equality

GGWCup Finals NYC 2019


The GGWCup Champions 2018 Return

These pink warriors are our returning GGWCup 2018 champions and they will be looking to defend their title. Goleadoras is an organization that runs soccer leagues for girls and teenagers from poorer neighborhoods in Latin America — their sole purpose is to empower young girls through soccer. They know that soccer helps girls develop confidence, discipline and better physical fitness. And, most importantly, that the magic of soccer sparks joy.

We seek to battle the abyss and the violence of gender disparity by empowering girls in a personal, intuitive way.
— Goleadoras

This is how the Team will take action for their goal

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  • We will create a campaign to promote and fundraise our 2019 challenge and keep our world champion title .

  • Host a Tournament to choose the team that will rep Goleadoras at GGWCup 2019

  • Call to Action.

"We are the ones who know that running after a dream is not enough.
We must take the lead,
And keep going, until we achieve our dream.
We are the ones who cover our backs from any team that plays against us.
We are a team of girls,
That will change history.
We are the opponents of those who say that we cannot and should not.
With each goal, we change the rules of what they expect from us as women.
We are the ones who not only play soccer; We are:  #Goleadoras!” Team leader Eglantina Zingg.

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