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Team: Better World Starts at Home


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Better World Starts at Home

Global Goal 13: Climate Action


Team Better World Starts at Home will play for Global Goal 13: Climate Action

The team is committed to represent IKEA’s goal to create a positive impact for people, society and the planet. They believe that as IKEA sustainability ambassadors they have the possibility to make a significant and lasting impact. And impact can not happen in isolation, that is why they collaborate with stakeholders, including their customers to achieve a more sustainable world.

About team captain Jana Klesalova

Country Compliance Manager CZHUSK - ensures that all IKEA processes are conducted in accordance with external and internal legislation. Jana's hobbies are traveling, books, but mainly sport, she actively played football tennis - the 1st league. Jana is also a pole dance instructor and she basically enjoys all the sports that challenge her. For Jana, sustainability means that all processes that are being set up, are simple and clear and do not unnecessarily burden either human or natural resources.

Jana does not have a personal relationship with football, but she like every sport activity so she has taken on the role of captain of the IKEA Better World Starts at Home. The first trainings don't wait long.

Meet the players: Jana Klesalová, Lucie Sobotková, Kateřina Otáhalová, Lucie Lencová, Romana Smetanová, Hana Klimešová, Lucie Lálová, Laura Blanka Szűcs, Michaela Johnová (náhradník).

We are a diverse and passionated team who, dares to be different. We will play for Global Goal 13 Climate Action.
— Better World Starts at Home

How will the team take action for their Goal?

  • We are guided by the IKEA vision: to create a better everyday life for the many people. It gives us a strong sense of purpose and the opportunity to do great things.

  • Our ambition for 2030 is to inspire and enable 1 billion people to live a better life within the limits of the planet. Sustainable and healthy should be seen as attractive, affordable and accessible for the many people, when we view it as a commercial opportunity and a leadership responsibility.

We will promote products and solutions to enable customers to reduce their climate impact and to live a more sustainable life at home.  From April to June we have been running campaign „Better World Starts at Home“, through which we want to inspire and enable our customers to live more sustainabile life at home. Because we believe that everybody is a hero and every step matters. We have prepared micro-page and also serie of videos which are promoted in TV and online media.

We will engage our customers and coworkers thanks to our IKEA Better Living mobile app, full of special tips about IKEA products, food and simple actions we can all take to make a big difference. It provides the chance to try sustainable living in a playful way - can see the impacts of their own actions & compete with others to have the biggest positive impact.

We want to lead by example and show our commitments and achievements by utilizing the IKEA Point and our outfits, performance at Wenceslaw Square. We would like to promote our commitments during the event and invite the participants to our home, IKEA Point.

Commitments regarding the Climate Action

  • By 2020, phase out single-use plastic items offered in customer and co-worker restaurants, bistros and cafés

  • By 2025, aim for 100% of transport for customer deliveries and services to use electric vehicles (EV) or other zero-emission solutions.

  • Aim for 100% renewable heating and cooling

  • By 2030 all our all our products and packaging, including those made from plastic, will be based on renewable and/or recycled material, meaning that no virgin fossil materials will be used.


  • 950 000 pieces of LED lighting sold in last Financial Year in Czech Republic

  • Consuming and purchasing 100% renewable elec­tricity in all buildings

  • 96,3% of waste from our stores was sent for recycling or turned into energy in last Financial Year.

  • Energy efficiency of our stores in Czech Republic improved by 23% in last Financial Year.

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Better World Starts at Home