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San Diego Soccer Women I Goal 10 I



Joining us from San Diego, California -this team is here to show that grown women PLAY for change. The San Diego Soccer Women are working to reduce inequality by creating more opportunities for mature women to participate in sport globally, and fight discrimination based on age, gender, parental and marital status as well as physical difficulties. 

Team captain Brandi Mitchel explains: 
San Diego Soccer Women, as a collective of players, league, sponsors, tournament organizers, supporters and fans, aims to increase the visibility of women’s soccer throughout the region. Each player and teammate benefits from this movement by feeling the pride of being an adult athlete. The recognition and respect for female soccer players falls short worldwide! If we can start with the Southern California women’s soccer scene and move in the direction of building awareness globally, then we are making an impact that will be realized for generations.

-Amen to that! 



Our focus with Goal 10 is on the population of age 30 to 80+ year-old women in the recreational soccer community, here in San Diego and around the world. We see that within our leagues and teams, there are women who represent the larger demographic of female humanity and face discrimination to due many factors: age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, citizenship status and income level. Most of the actions were are able to work on involve promoting the visibility of age 50+ women in soccer leagues through social and news media.

ACTIONS: 1. We created a short video of age 65+ soccer women at the San Diego Senior Games on September 9th and the footage was picked up by Storyful, then distributed to news media in Australia, the UK and the US.

ACTIONS: 2. We registered as a partner with Act4SDGs. (edited)

ACTIONS: 3. Registered as a member with FARE Network, which promotes anti-discrimination practices for soccer leagues worldwide.

ACTIONS: 4. Contacted the President of the Long Island Ladies Soccer League with the GGWCup information. She is now playing on my team, providing several other players from her league, is inviting her Board to register on the guest list to attend, and spread the word to the league of over 2000 women soccer players!

ACTIONS: 5. Inspired/Mentored a teammate to launch a soccer shoe donation organization in our local community. She named it Legacy Laces and provides a short message of inspiration and story about the shoes from the prior owner to the disadvantaged youth who receives the boots. We will continue to support her as she grows her charity.

ACTIONS: 6. Joined the World's Largest Lesson program and mapped our male/female representation on their website.

ACTIONS: 7. Signed the Pledge at to speak up for LGBT People in Sport.

ACTIONS: 8. Contacted the Canadian Senior Games Association about adding age 55+ women's soccer to their sports for 2019.

ACTIONS: 9. Attended a United Nations Association of San Diego panel discussion about women's representation in politics and ways to increase participation. Sep 15th

ACTIONS: 10. I got permission from Axosoft to use their IT WAS NEVER A DRESS logo for my team and they sent me stickers to hand out.