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Team: SMART Women


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Global Goal 9: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure


Team Smart Women will play for Global Goal 9: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Team SMART Women from Ministry of Industry and Trade / Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu ČR is playing for Global Goal 9 Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has put together a SMART WOMEN team and a campaign that will strive for changes in the mindset of the population and at the same time inform about the possibilities and benefits of alternative means of transport and innovations in this area. The basic principles of sustainable zero-emission mobility are undoubtedly the National Clean Mobility Action Plan, which helps the Czech Republic to achieve its goals and to achieve the SDGs.

The players are mostly football non-professionals, but enthusiasts. However, for all our SMART Women, sport is a real challenge, including actively supporting SDG 9 that is connected with the Ministry´s work.

The players are Kristína Bottová, Klára Fousková, Veronika Jelínková, Zuzana Kabeláčová, Jana Macková, Alena Martínková, Pavla Mikšaníková and Jana Olejníková,

Clean air is our goal, we’re fighting to achieve it.
— SMART Women

About team captain Klára

Klára has been a part of the the world of social responsibility, quality and sustainability for several years. The team captain would be nothing without her team, both in her work and in her sports life, her motto is "one for all and all for one". All my colleagues have been involved in the event and we have been motivated by teamwork, enthusiasm and creativity from the beginning. Already now GGWCup and the SMART Women team have exceeded expectations and fulfilled what sport gives us. Teamwork, creativity and collaboration combined with sport and “The Country for the Future” program - The Czech Republic's future is in innovation, is the best way to anticipate and create the future.

How will the team take action for their Goal?

The Ministry of Industry and Trade, as the central body of the state administration, supports its team primarily in professional terms, through expert lectures and campaigns on the chosen topic.

We aim to raise public awareness of clean mobility and activities and innovations supporting it. The main goal of the promotion is to point out the problems of growing cities and the environment, especially car traffic, and possible innovative solutions reflecting the government's "The Country for the Future" program. Our goal is to convince our fellow citizens about the benefits of alternative sources and fuels and to help achieve the goals the Czech Republic has in this area.

The common denominator of our success is finding new technologies across the chosen topic. The "Clean Mobility and Innovation" campaign takes place in the following 8 activities, or opportunities for our companies and sources of information for our fellow citizens:

  • electricity

  • hydrogen

  • gas

  • infrastructure

  • carsharing

  • ecology

  • emissions

  • legislation

A series of lectures is prepared for the given topic, especially for the business sector (automotive industry and its stakeholders). Furthermore, the promotion will take place via websites, social networks and print promotional materials.


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