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Team: Girls Get Going

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Girls Get Going is a part of the PIFA Foundation and have been working tirelessly towards Gender Equality, their Sustainable Development Goal. And when hard work is their DNA, it will not be any surprise to see them out-run all other opponents on the field at the GGWCup Mumbai 2019. Here's wishing them the very best for upcoming games.

PIFA’s mission is to provide the underprivileged with the same level of football and sports motivation and learning facilities as the rest of us. Help us grow this foundation for the greater good of Underprivileged children and football in India.

In the GGWCup the team will be playing for Global Goal 5 gender Equality.


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Please meet Anjali Shah

Premier India Football Academy (PIFA) director Anjali Shah was in March 2017 appointed the the All India Football Federation (AIFF) Women’s Committee.

She has been the Maharashtra State women’s team manager on several occasions in the past and is working for the development of women’s football in India. She has been the driving force of the “Girls Get Going” project which is a project that encourages girls to participate in sports and mentors them to stick with the program whereby empowering them mentally, socially and physically.

Anjali Shah believes that the Indian Women’s football team with the right impetus have a very good chance to qualify for the FIFA Women’s World Cup in the near future. She would like to see a strong woman’s league at city all the way to the national level.

We are proud to announce Anjali as a member of the GGWCup SDG5 Dream Team.

Welcome to team Girls Get Going and Anjali.