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Team: Myna Bol

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The Myna Mahila Foundation works to empower women to talk about issues that they are afraid to discuss out loud and we salutes this spirit! They'll be hoping to reign supreme come February as they'll go head-to-head against the others at the GGWCup Mumbai.

In the GGWCup team Myna Bol will be playing for Global Goal 6 Clean Water & Sanitation.


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Team action

January 22: “Myna is participating in the Global Goals World Cup by Sustainable Mindz in Mumbai in less than a week, in pursuit of the goal of Clean Water and Sanitation! However, many of our Myna Women do not have the required sports shoes for the Football tournament. We are now reaching out to you with a request for donations of 8 sports shoes! These will help our Myna women give their best at the tournament and win!”


January 30: “With our action for SDGs in full swings as well as shoes for our players, we’re all set for the @ggwcup! Come out to cheer us and show your support for Myna’s cause✨”