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Team: Yellow Ladies


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Yellow Ladies

Global Goal 3: Good Health & Well-Being


Česká pošta´s team Yellow Ladies will play for Global Goal 3: Good health and well-being

By their activities they want to support Česká pošta´s preventive programs that support breast and skin cancer prevention and are intended not only for employees but also for the public.

About team About team captain Markéta Pázlerová

Markéta was elected to be the team captain of Yellow Ladies. The team appreciated her team spirit and the necessary determination.

I have been working for Česká pošta for six years as a post office administrator. Basically, that means I have to do everything that is done at the post office and be ready to go where it´s needed. Having sports as a hobby helps me a lot in my job, of course football is my first priority, but I also like cycling. We will be playing for SDG 3 – Good Health and wellbeing. Our motto is “Think of Prevention” and I hope that our Yellow Ladies team will make a good score with it.
— Markéta Pázlerová

How will the team take action for their Goal?

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  • Traditional support of Stan proti melanomu

  • 6. - 7. 5. Praha -Wenceslas Square

  • 13. 5. Brno - náměstí Svobody

  • 14. 5. Ostrava - Shopping Avion

  • Česká pošta´s event will take place on Thursday May 30th in Galerie Šantovka in Olomouc. Between 10am and 6pm, participants will be attended by doctors led by Professor Petr Arenberger.

  • Internal educative campaign Think of Prevention

  • Campaign Think of Prevention on social media

  • Zdravobrazy exhibition: Displayed canvases were painted by stuntman and actor Martin Hub, who survived an insidious melanoma himself. The exhibition can be seen in the postal minigallery, at the Prague 33 branch, the Jířího z Poděbrad square, from May 6th to May 23rd. People will then be able to see it at the postal event in Olomouc on May 30th.





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Yellow Ladies