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Team: Brum[LOVE]ka


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Global Goal 3: Good health & Well-Being


Team Brum[LOVE]ka will play for Global Goal 3: Good health & Well-Being

Team Brum[LOVE]ka is comprised of employees of the wellness and fitness Balance Club Brumlovka. Their motto is “Refresh your body, refresh your mind!” This team will be playing for SDG3 - Good health and wellbeing.

About team captain Eva Kotěrová

Eva works in Balance Club Brumlovka as Marketing Coordinator. Sport is her passion that is reflected in her work and private life as well. She hates giving up, accepts challenges with joy and tries to solve the problems with her own optimism.   

Our team‘s motivation is to show the joy of motion and sport and share the knowledge that sport refreshes your body and mind.
— Team Brum[LOVE]ka

How will the team take action for their Goal?

  • The team plan blood donation campaign and skin check-ups as prevention of skin cancer,discount for the follow-up InBody 770 diagnostics, series of the lectures with Nutrition Specialists Simona Šťastná.  

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Team Brum[LOVE]ka