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Kora Bora - Goal 4

Please welcome this team who is joining us from Egypt!

Please welcome this team who is joining us from Egypt!

THE TEAM: The KORA BORA team are made of up of colleagues from across different countries, connected by their NGO’s (of the same name) mission; using football as a tool to achieve positive social change. Being well-aligned to Global Goals World Cup’s own ethos and method, the women’s decision to take part in the tournament seemed a prime opportunity to showcase the organization’s amazing work, whilst undertaking some invaluable cross-country team-building .

THEIR GOAL: As KORA BORA’s work delves into each of the 17 Sustainable Development goals, Captain Basma Adel explains how they reached the decision to focus on Goal 4: Quality Education, on the basis that “education is the cornerstone for any positive social change, it opens the door for better awareness and understanding”. KORA BORA have worked towards this goal through launching Football Classes which aim to teach essential life skills to children; from critical thinking to emotional intelligence.

HOPES AND FEARS: Being part of GGWCup has given KORA BORA the opportunity to connect with other advocates of the Sustainable Development Goals and share in the. What’s more, the captain believes the team’s own professional capacities will be enhanced in the process; by encouraging the women to be organized, creative and stoking a healthy sense of competition to work to the best of their ability.



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