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Green Hope - Goal 13

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THE TEAM: Green Hope, using the same name of their NGO, decided to take part in GGWCup to spread their sustainable message. They hope by creating awareness of and engagement with environmental issues, it is possible to mitigate against the negative effects of climate change and environmental degradation.

THEIR GOAL: While the NGO’s focus covers a range of issues related to the environment, for the tournament Green Hope chose to focus on Goal 13: Climate Change, with a quest to overturn the issue’s branding as a myth. Green Hope, have been incredibly active in engaging civil society with their sustainability mission; conducting over 100 workshops and conferences as part of their Environment Academies and overseeing the plantation of 150 000 trees. As the NGO have been experimental in their approach to engaging civil society using art, music and drama to get their message across, they were excited to see how sport could be used to the same effect. Founder of the organization Kehkashan Basu commented that the organization “were excited to be a part of this unique campaign because sports is a very effective and important medium to create awareness”.

HOPES AND FEARS: Green Hope are, as their name would suggest, very hopeful that the tournament will have a demonstrable impact on raising awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals, whilst bringing about greater grassroots participation to ensure the process is inclusive and empowering for all involved.

Green Hope play for #SDG13 Climate Action in the#GlobalGoals World Cup in #Dubai
#GGWCupUAE #Soccer — with Green Hope 


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