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Goalden Girls - Goal 4

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THE TEAM: Meet Goalden Girls, a group of media students from Middlesex University whose interest in meeting women from across the MENA region with a similar commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals prompted them to sign up to the Global Goals World Cup.

THEIR GOAL: As students themselves, education is an issue close to the hearts of these women who have chosen to focus on Sustainable Goal 4: Quality Education. To achieve this goal, the team have undertaken several innovative actions; from taking part in a 24hour football fundraising tournament to raise awareness of ocean pollution, to gaining endorsements from movie starts on the red carpet and managing their own popular Instagram account these women are a force to be reckoned with.

HOPES AND FEARS: Humbled by the recognition of their privilege in receiving quality education, Goalden Girls consider Global Goals World Cup a fantastic opportunity to highlight the plight of so many children around the world less fortunate than them. In addition, the women have enjoyed revelling in their team spirit and extending this positivity to their classmates through conversation about the Sustainable Development Goals.

Goalden Girls play for #SDG4 Quality Education in the #GlobalGoals World Cup in #Dubai
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