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Ball of Duty - Goal 4

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THE TEAM: Ball of Duty came together as a group of colleagues at Danube Group, united by their common interest in education, in spite of their vast geographical differences spanning two continents. A company with a social conscience, the Danube welfare centre provides skill-building classes for labourers to bring about positive change for workers in Dubai. A colleague from the centre recommended that the women take part to raise awareness of the issues the centre manages on a daily basis.

THEIR GOAL: Team Captain Vrushali Chaudhary explains how the recognition that education played a pivotal role in shaping her own life experience, led the team to reflect on the unequal access many have to education across the globe. Such discussion allowed the team to focus on Goal 4: Quality Education. The team have taken strident steps towards their goal: From creating a book bank where employees at Danube can donate books to children in remote villages across UAE, to hosting a fundraising feast, with proceeds donated to the Danube Welfare Center.

HOPES AND FEARS: Despite most of the women on the team have little experience of the game of soccer itself, there these women are confident in the conviction that they’re playing for meaningful change and eager for the tournament to start. Vrushali explains that being part of GGWCup has “brought us together, lifted our spirits, made us feel extremely honoured to contribute to something at a global level… it makes us feel proud”. A sentiment which truly captures the spirit of what GGWCup is all about.

Ball of Duty play for #SDG4 Quality #Education in the #GlobalGoals World Cup in #Dubai#GGWCupUAE #Soccer — with Danube Home in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.



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