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Y4GG - Goal 17

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THE TEAM: Y4GG (Youth For Global Goals), are all part of the largest youth movement in the world: AIESEC UAE. As Captain Joy Dudde explains, AIESEC “aims to mobilize youth towards the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals”. With the organization’s aims so well aligned to those of GGWCup, they women recognized the tournament as an opportunity to showcase their ongoing support and commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals.

THEIR GOAL: As members of the largest youth movement in the world, Y4GG recognize collaboration as key to success – which explains why they chose to focus on Goal 17: Partnership for the Goals. Y4GG’s Exchange Program, which sends young volunteers to work on sustainable development projects in over 126 countries, can be seen as a key step towards enhancing partnerships across the world.

HOPES AND FEARS: Motivated by a desire to connect not only with members of their organization dotted around the world, but also, other organizations and individuals as keenly committed to the Sustainable Development Goals, as themselves, Y4GG consider the tournament an opportunity to create bridges of understanding across cultures. Y4GG captain Joy Dudde expresses how the knowledge that “there exists others that are willing to take the time to work towards the goals reaffirms” the importance of their mission, cementing their commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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