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Prague Raptors Football Club

Global Goal 5: Gender Equality


Prague Raptors Football Club will play for Global Goal 5: Gender Equality

Team Prague Raptors Football Club is a women's football club promoting diversity and social responsibility. Their team wants to show the world that women are powerful, equal and ready to show what they are capable of. They will be playing for SDG5 - Gender Equality.

We hope to bring lots of girls (and boys) from schools in the city of Prague to cheer on our team and show them women’s football can be exciting and fun. And should be taken as seriously as boys’ games.
— Team Prague Raptors Football Club

How will the team take action for their Goal?

Here are some recent posts that show how we are trying to encourage more girls to sign up to football...we have a lot more, you can see that on our profile:

  1. Our COO visited a local school to talk about what it is like for a woman to work in football...the kids all drew their own football logos (you can see in the photo). We are hoping that many kids from the school are able to come watch us play too. More here.

  2. We are holding trials for new players always we run the Men's and Women's sessions side by side, no favourtism. More here.

  3. Our Ladies Captain, Anna Osterthun recently took part in a panel with Fotbal Pro Rozvoj about the problems in Czech football and how to overcome was a great event with a mixture of Men & Women involved, players, coaches and management staff. More here.

  4. We did a very cool photo shoot in the city to promote our entrance to was very cool, lots of tourists and locals came up to us asking who the ladies are and what we are doing so we were able to tell them about GGWCUP. More here.

  5. We play against Women's teams from around the world, so far we already played against teams from Slovakia, Germany and Belgium...we hope to add more in the coming months too. More here.

  6. We are not 2 clubs...we are 1 club with 2 teams...our Ladies team and Men's teams really support each other...we recently had a live game on CT Sport and we had so many of the ladies team come and support, the same happens both ways. We expect a lot of the guys there to cheer on the ladies on Wednesday. More Here.

  7. And probably this is most important for future...we now have an application for EU funding to start a girls-only youth team. It will be aimed at the under 6 age range to start with. We are very excited about this as many young girls find it intimidating to play football in mixed teams (as most kids teams), due to things like peer pressure, changing rooms, aggression etc...we have already started some small posts teasing about the upcoming youth teams we will launch. More here.

  8. Our girls also get lots of press attention, see here an example about our twin Lebanese sisters, Tala and Rawan, who play for the team. More here.

I hope that is enough for now...I think our key message is that this is something we are always promoting, rather than just during these few weeks. That said, GGWCup is a great opportunity for us to get our message across. We will be taking photos during the day and uploading whilst the event is we still have some more photos from the shoot going live in the run-up to the session.

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