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Global Goal 10 - Reduced Inequalities


Team #Jsemvpohodě will play for Global Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities

Team #jsemvpohodě represents POHODA, o.p.s., an organisation that has been dedicated to helping people with intellectual disabilities to live full lives for 20 years. POHODA offers social services, counseling and a job in the social enterprise Bílá vrána. There are two disabled players on this team, who also represent the team of Bílá vrána café.

This team will be playing for Goal 10 - Reduced Inequalities because people with intellectual disability want and should get a chance to live full and dignified lives just like anybody else. They are fighting for people with intellectual disabilities to live independently, with adequate support and not to be forced to live in institutional facilities.

We make Czechia stronger. We took part in a project that defends the non-profit sector and all that contributes to civil society.
— Team #jsemvpohodě

How will the team take action for their Goal?

  • Team Captain Eva opened an exhibition, Jsem v pohodě, which represents social services that help equalize opportunities of people with intellectual disabilities in society and informs the public about this problem every day.

  • Team member Šárka contributed to POHODA getting the label Mezigenračně by working on a project where children from kindergarten meet adults with mental disabilities. These visits are not just about generation gathering, but also about teaching children to act naturally with disabled people.

  • Team member Veronika is involved in helping people with disabilities to be able to live in a regular home, to become independent when they're adults, to live near their friends, to be able to find a job and not to be forced to go to big social service facilities.

  • Team member Lucka helps people with intellectual facilities spend their time actively, to be beneficial to others and their families to have some time to relax from long-term demanding care.

  • Team members Týna and Zdeňka work in social enterprise Bílá vrána and motivate others by showing them what all people with disabilities can do when they get a chance.

  • Team member Káťa leads a team of assistants who help people who need it in their homes every year. They help clients to get necessary skills for more independent life and their families to feel safe when they need to stop for a moment and relax.

  • The whole team is a part of an organisation that is fighting myths about disabled people, points out inequalities in the society, educates the public and initiates equalizing of opportunities for these citizens.

  • They collaborate with non-profit organisations on supporting disadvantages people in society. For example on projects like Pečovat a žít, where mothers of disabled children get to re-enter the work force.

  • They presented their activities in Brussels in the European Parliament in direct contact with EU commissioner Věra Jourová.

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